Expand your Brand Into Southeast Asia

Business development made easy

YEM is the simplest path towards internationalization

We are your plug-and-play sales network in Southeast Asia


Global expansion
done right

How often have you wished you had a dedicated team with many years of hands-on experience in the markets you are trying to conquer?

Now you can have our full support from the first introductions all the way to closing and beyond.

We help you build trust, decrease your business risks and increase your chances to succeed while forging long-lasting bonds with distributors and system integrators all over the region.

Some of the benefits of our unique approach to business development

Strong local presence

Agile communication

Increased revenue

Higher export activity

Seamless onboarding

Instant connection with Distributors & SI



Constant support

Lower costs than traditional methods

Achieve a true local presence

What is the key deciding factor of a successful business expansion?

In our over 10 years of experience, we have learned that nothing builds trust faster than having a strong local presence.

Make installers, distributors and system integrators feel closer to you by having an experienced team of Resident Sales Managers at your disposal.

Over 10 years of experience creating opportunities
for companies within these industries

Door & Gate Automation

Entry Systems & Access Control

IoT, Security & Fire

AI, Video Surveillance & Defence

IT, Cloud & Cybersecurity

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Smart Mobility

Pay less, gain more

It’s time to let go of traditional business development methods.

Just one transparent and affordable monthly fee.

That’s it. No hidden fees, no termination fees.

You are one small monthly fee away from expanding your brand throughout Southeast Asia.

Kickstart your business expansion today

See how YEM leverages expertise and innovation to make your job easier and grow your business faster.

Hassle-free development is possible

Stepping into a new market so far from your own headquarters can be overwhelming…

Meetings, demos, PoCs, tender specifications, and trainings are challenging enough, never mind adding linguistic barriers and impractical time zone differences.

It can be much easier with YEM – Your Export Manager.

Optimized internationalization

There are many different ways to explore new markets and expand your brand. But not all of them are efficient, fast or economical.
Check out how YEM’s unique approach makes growth simple and affordable.

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We are not an agency, but a business development company that accompanies and supports you throughout the sales process. Our Resident Sales Managers, experts in the field, act as local representatives of our company and meet with local distributors and system integrators to promote your solutions.

YEM operates as your subsidiary in Southeast Asia, saving you time and money that would be involved in having an office on the other side of the world.

YEM caters to distributors, system integrators, retailers, and contractors. However, once the sales channels are identified, YEM also involves large end-users to further assist and ensure sales.

The involvement of end-users is crucial even within specific product groups. In such cases, channels are set up in parallel to meet, support, and satisfy the needs of the end-users.

The monthly fee allows us to cover operational costs, travel expenses, meetings, salaries of our Resident Sales Managers, office maintenance costs, just to name a few.

Our General Manager oversees the operations of the entire team, and our CTO manages their KPIs through Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics.

We will provide you with access to our reporting platform, where you will be able to view your monthly reports, as well as photos from our recent meetings throughout Southeast Asia. The reports include all active potential clients, neatly organized into 8 categories based on their stage in the sales pipeline, so you can easily monitor our progress.

We have a small standard sales commission, which in some cases, can be adjusted to accommodate a project.

YEM is a proud Supporting Member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore