Our Services

Our Marketing, Communication & Sales Agency Services

    • Consulting and Sales in Asia Pacific and Latam.
    • Assessment and analysis of potential new businesses or expansion of consolidated businesses.
    • Development of new commercial contacts in relevant areas and support in overcoming critical phases.
    • Organization and management of mission trips.
    • Customer relationship management (CRM) where all the leads are classified in the following stages:
      • 1. Initials: all the suitable leads we identify.
      • 2. Send info: all the leads that we have already sent info to.
      • 3. Consideration: leads in a process of engagement.
      • 4. Negotiation: all leads in quotation and negotiation phase.
      • 5. On Hold: when awaiting for clarifications from either buyer/seller.
      • 6. Closing: all leads under proforma and awaiting for payment.
      • 7. Won: sales processed and won with payments received and products shipped.
      • 8. Lost: projects awarded to other companies.

How We Operate

  • We search, contact, interview and follow up potential customers from the first stage of the sales cycle.

  • We target companies via our constantly growing CRM, rich in prospects, contacts and leads in fields such as Automatic Access, Security & Access Control, Video Analytics & Defense, and Traffic Sensors & Parking.
  • We send monthly Newsletters to keep leads informed and generate direct requests from potential customers.

  • We send monthly reports to manufacturers and host conference calls and meetings to align strategies.

  • Business trips to customers and visits to exhibitions are included in the monthly fee.

Our After Sales Services

    • Each manufacturer trains our technical team for all the after sales matters.
    • YEM establishes long lasting relationships with the after sales department of Distributors and System Integrators.
    • Identification of additional opportunities to extend consolidated businesses.
    • Provision of expertise spanning from Automatic Access and Security & Access Control to Critical Infrastructure Protection & Video Analytics and Traffic Sensors.
    • Plan and management of after-sales missions.
    • Support with Proof of Concept at end-user sites.
    • Local technical training of Distributors and System Integrators on site and/or remotely.
    • Business trips to your customers’ office for on-site support.

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