Videos in local languages

Video marketing is a valuable addition to any digital marketing strategy, enhancing engagement, broadening reach, and fostering lasting connections with the target audience.

With YEM, you get a complimentary video in English for your use as well as local translations to aid our Resident Sales Managers:

🇹🇭 Thai

🇻🇳 Vietnamese

🇮🇩 Indonesian

Reach new audiences in their native language and earn their interest and trust.

Video marketing at its finest

Video marketing is a potent tool for enhancing digital marketing strategies. Its audiovisual elements help you convey messages concisely.

Videos also offer increased reach and shareability, leveraging social media and video-sharing platforms to potentially go viral, boosting brand awareness and driving traffic and conversions.

Additionally, they enable brands to tell compelling stories, form emotional connections and build trust and authenticity.