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Expand your product portfolio

YEM empowers distributors to expand their reach and access innovative manufacturers from around the globe, removing barriers to growth in Southeast Asian markets.

The industries we cater

Door & Gate Automation

Entry Systems
& Access Control

IoT, Security
& Fire

AI, Video,
Defense & Surveillance

IT, Cloud & Cybersecurity

Intelligent Transportation Systems &
Smart Mobility

Become a pioneer in your region with YEM

Expanding your product range can bring you difficulties while connecting with manufacturers worldwide: dealing with time zone variations, language barriers, and cultural nuances can be overwhelming.

With YEM you can access to over 20 manufacturers globally, hassle-free. Say goodbye to the challenges of scheduling meetings, overcoming language barriers, and understanding cultural differences, and simplify your global sourcing endeavors with us!

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Working with YEM


Our team manages diverse meetings, from introductory to technical, engaging manufacturers all over the world, ensuring effective communication.

Tendering processes

We help understanding the requirements and offer assistance in navigating the submission process, including any necessary paperwork or submissions.

Demos and PoCs

We effectively showcase a distributor’s value, instilling confidence for manufacturers by providing concrete evidence of problem-solving capabilities.


We arrange training sessions for our representatives. This enhances confidence and capability, resulting in higher-quality interactions with potential manufacturers.


YEM does not charge taxes or commissions to distributors and SI. All charges and fees related to our activities are settled by the manufacturers.

Best price guaranteed

We seek offers from manufacturers who offer products at the best prices in the market, so that the profit you obtain in distribution is fair.

Top brands

We collaborate with leading brands, renowned for their integrity, and innovation to guarantee access to a portfolio of products that meet the highest standards.

New partnerships

Through our network, distributors gain access to new products, markets, and expertise. We foster long-term partnerships for growth and success.

Support all the way

We take care of all pre and post-sales needs, maintaining direct communication with manufacturers to ensure you and your clients the peace of mind you deserve.

Achieve a true local presence

YEM is the ultimate solution, bridging the geographical gap and ensuring smooth communication channels.

With our extensive network of specialists strategically positioned across Southeast Asia, we stand prepared to provide support for all your needs. Whether it’s navigating logistical challenges or addressing specific issues, our dedicated team is here to ensure your operations run seamlessly, no matter the distance.


Still have doubts? Take a look at these frequently asked questions:

YEM isn’t a distributor, nor a reseller. We’re a business development and labor relations agency that helps distributors in Southeast Asia connect with manufacturers all over the world. We don’t own the products and we don’t resell or manage stock, but generate links and partnerships with the manufacturers.

YEM does not charge taxes or commissions to distributors and SI. All charges and fees related to our activities are settled by the manufacturers. In other words, we have a zero cost policy on your end.

Contact us

We believe in transparent communication as the cornerstone of our work linking manufacturers and distributors.

Get in touch with us now, and let’s collaborate on devising growth strategies for your business.

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