Expand your product portfolio

Connect with manufacturers from all over the world

20+ manufacturers
at your fingertips

Are you looking to expand your product offering but international manufacturers are usually far away and can be hard to reach?

Forget about time zone differences and linguistic barriers with YEM.

We bring you over 20 manufacturers from all over the world, hassle-free.

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YEM is the easiest way to become a pioneer in your region

Business expansion made simple


Over 10 years of experience connecting you to the most innovative manufacturers in the world

Door & Gate Automation

Entry Systems & Access Control

IoT, Security & Fire

AI, Video Surveillance & Defence

IT, Cloud & Cybersecurity

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Smart Mobility

You are not alone,
we are here to help you

We constantly provide our assistance throughout each and every stage of the process



Demos and PoCs

Videos in your language

Support with tendering processes

Commercial and technical aid

Elevate your portfolio
for free

You read that correctly, for free.

YEM’s activities are funded entirely by the manufacturers who wish to expand into Southeast Asia.

What does this mean for you?

It means you get access to innovative manufacturers from all over the world at zero cost.

What else do you get from working with YEM?

YEM is not only free but we also offer a number of benefits that are unique to our approach to business development

Best price guaranteed

Better communication with manufacturers

Unique business opportunities

Unrivalled sales conditions

Access to renowned brands​

Expanded product portfolio

All of our manufacturers in one platform

No more endless pdfs or long email chains to keep you updated.

You can now have everything you need in one online platform:

• Videos

• Datasheets

• Presentations

• Brochures

And so much more!

True local presence

Have you ever felt disconnected from manufacturers that are thousands of kilometres away?

Not anymore!

YEM is here to bridge the gap and facilitate seamless communication.

Our team of specialists spread across strategic locations in SEA is always ready to support you in anything you may need.


No, YEM is a business development agency hired by manufacturers from all over the world to help them expand into Southeast Asia.

There are no costs on your end. YEM’s local operations are financed entirely by the manufacturers.

YEM does not buy, resell or manage stock.

All distribution agreements, purchases, and deliveries are managed directly between you and the manufacturers.