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Expand your Brand Into Southeast Asia

YEM acts as a local subsidiary in Southeast Asia, enabling manufacturers to expand their presence and connect with distributors, retailers, and end-users effectively.

The industries we cater

Door & Gate Automation

Entry Systems
& Access Control

IoT, Security
& Fire

AI, Video,
Defense & Surveillance

IT, Cloud & Cybersecurity

Intelligent Transportation Systems &
Smart Mobility

Global expansion done right

How often have you wished you had a dedicated team with many years of hands-on experience in the markets you are trying to conquer? Now you can have our full support from the first introductions all the way to closing and beyond. We help you build trust, decrease your business risks and increase your chances to succeed while forging long-lasting bonds with distributors and system integrators all over the region.

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What is YEM?

YEM is the simplest path towards internationalization. We are your plug-and-play sales network in Southeast Asia.

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How do we work?

YEM leverages expertise and innovation with true local presence, to make your job easier and grow your business faster.

Working with YEM


Our team manages diverse meetings, from introductory to technical, engaging distributors and installers, ensuring effective communication.

Email marketing

With direct sales capabilities, compelling calls to action, and exclusive offers, email marketing prompts immediate purchasing decisions,through timely communication.

Demos and PoCs

Effectively showcase a product’s value and functionality, instilling confidence in purchase decisions by providing concrete evidence of problem-solving capabilities.


We arrange training sessions for our sales team. This enhances confidence and capability, resulting in higher-quality interactions with potential clients.

Videos in local languages

YEM offers a free English video along with local translations to support Resident Sales Managers in their marketing efforts, boosting engagement and expanding reach.

Pre-sales support

We offer potential buyers the confidence and information necessary for addressing concerns and queries, to build trust and enhance sales success.

After sales support

Offering assistance, warranties, and technical support post-purchase ensures customers feel valued and supported throughout their ownership of the product.

Market research‚Äč

We develop a tailored go-to-market strategy for you. This thorough analysis includes assessing potential competitors and sales channels in your target region.

Monthly reports

At the end of each month, our Sales Managers will create a detailed summary of all activities undertaken, ensuring transparency and clarity.

Achieve a true local presence

What is the key deciding factor of a successful business expansion?

In our over 10 years of experience, we have learned that nothing builds trust faster than having a strong local presence.
Make installers, distributors and system integrators feel closer to you by having an experienced team of Resident Sales Managers at your disposal.


Still have doubts? Take a look at these frequently asked questions:

YEM isn’t a distributor. We’re a business development and labor relations agency that helps manufacturers connect with distributors in Southeast Asia to expand globally. Think of us as your regional representatives, engaging with distributors and system integrators to showcase what your company offers.

While our primary focus is on distributors, system integrators, retailers, and contractors, we also involve large end-users once sales channels are identified. This helps ensure sales success. We understand the importance of catering to end-users, even within specific product groups. So, we set up channels to meet their needs alongside others.

Our General Manager oversees our team’s operations, and our CTO manages their performance using tools like Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics. You’ll have access to our reporting platform, where you can view monthly reports and photos from recent meetings in Southeast Asia. Reports are organized neatly into 8 categories based on the sales pipeline stage of potential clients, making it easy for you to track our progress.

YEM charges a monthly fee to cover operational costs, travel expenses, meetings, salaries of our Resident Sales Managers, office maintenance, and more. Additionally, we have a small standard sales commission, which can be adjusted as needed for specific projects.

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We believe in transparent communication as the cornerstone of our work linking manufacturers and distributors.

Get in touch with us now, and let’s collaborate on devising growth strategies for your business.

We work with top-rated distributors throughout Southeast Asia.
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